Copper Beech Initial Trees


I am preparing a story telling related to the Copper Beech Initial Trees of Pigeon Cove and Rockport. The story telling will take place May 21 at the Marblehead Arts Association at 2 – 4 pm. This is an Artist Event for the SQ & LB Artist Collaboration installation on “The Resilient Landscapes of Marblehead and Cape Ann,” now showing at the MAA. And we are fortunate to have master storyteller Judith Black as part of the afternoon.

I’ve located one more initialed Copper Beech, inside the John Kieran Nature Trail, inside Marmion Way.


Has anyone knowledge of any other initialed  Copper Beeches on Cape Ann?





About Leslie D. Bartlett

I am a photographer Cape Ann Historian; as a Historian I present the heritage of Cape Ann through lectures, my photography and writings. As a photographer I stand speak on behalf of the image - most often a landscape image
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