Then the Angel sang his Melody


Not that an angel entered (realize this),
scared her. Just as others would not startle
if a ray of sunlight or the moon at night
busied itself in the room, the form in which
an angel walked, did not scare her;
she barely had an idea that this stay was
difficult for angels. (O if we knew just how pure
she was. A doe once beheld her in the forest and
became so fond of her that within her was conceived
the unicorn, the animal from light, the pure animal.)

It did not scare her that he entered,
but that he was so utterly present, the angel,
bearing a young man’s face, and turned to her;
that his gaze and hers, looking up to him, collided
as if everything outside had become empty,
and everything that millions saw, did, wore
became condensed in them: only her and him;
Seeing and seen, nowhere else except in this very spot
– see, that scares, and both startled.

Then the angel sang his melody.


Rainer Maria Rilke, translation by Jonathan Harvey

About Leslie D. Bartlett

I am a photographer Cape Ann Historian; as a Historian I present the heritage of Cape Ann through lectures, my photography and writings. As a photographer I stand speak on behalf of the image - most often a landscape image
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1 Response to Then the Angel sang his Melody

  1. You continue to amaze me Les-Your works are sensitive and beautifully done

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