No Fooling…It’s Time To Wake Up To Your Dreams!

(Please take the time to read, and then the time to dream little dream for yourself —Leslie Bartlett)


How would you like to have exclusive access to a Life Coach 
who is totally devoted to your well-being 
and works with you on the night shift?
What guidance and insight are your sleeping dreams trying to share with you?  
Would you like to know?

Lesley Zaret and I have a deep and joyful passion when it comes to helping people access the profound inner wisdom and guidance that is available in their sleeping dreams.   Since 2009, when we met at a Dream Conference (go figure!), Lesley and I have been on a mission to share this deep and transformational work with individuals and groups.  Our workshops have received rave reviews…and we absolutely love doing them.  

COME JOIN US on April Fool’s Day for 
6 CEUs approved by  NASW
222 Arts and Wellness Center
Gloucester, MA 

This fun, informative and insightful workshop has received excellent reviews from previous participants including therapists, coaches, counselors, healers and curious individuals.  Here are a couple of comments from a recent workshop:

“After attending a dream work seminar, I was surprised and so happy to realize that a couple of hours of working deeply on a dream can be the equivalent of hours of therapy!”  -PLL, Mental Health Counselor
“Clients often bring their dreams to me in therapy sessions, asking what do you think this means? Attending the workshop, “Stories from the Night Shift: Dream Work in Clinical Practice”  last May, helped me to step forward  to explore this experience in a creative and positive way that draws on the thoughts and feelings of the clients as well as understanding of the therapist.   The leaders were both very experienced in working with dreams and shared their  knowledge and love for the process with the class with great warmth.  I left the class feeling really happy about being in the group, and  with a deeper understanding  of how to connect more deeply with the rich insights that dreams can offer.  Thank you Lesley and Beth!”  – MaryBeth, Psychotherapist

Will you join us?  
You can register and learn more about this workshop here:  

In this workshop you will:
– Learn simple techniques to increase your competence and confidence in working with dreams, personally and/or in clinical practice
– Integrate historical and scientific perspectives, including neuroscience and physiology, into your understanding of dreams 
– Enhance your understanding of how to access dreams to enhance self awareness and improve problem solving, conflict management, and relationship skills
– Develop an understanding of the relationship between trauma and dreams and how to create a safe space
– Experience a variety of dream work techniques for personal and professional use during the workshop

We’d love to have you spend this time with us to enhance your understanding of how to access your own personal treasure chest of self-awareness, wisdom and guidance.   

You can find a more detailed brochure along with registration information on the website.   You’re also welcome to contact Beth at 781-248-9877 or Lesley at 603-733-4536 if you have questions about the Gloucester workshop or the upcoming Exeter, NH workshop:
WSW Center, 111 Water Street 22 
Exeter, NH


Register and find more details here:

This workshop will offer plenty of time to working actual dreams and experiencing 4-5 dream work methods, so plan to bring a dream or two with you if you’d like to work on one while you’re there.

Please DO pass this email on to others who may have interest !   

With excited anticipation, 

Beth and Lesley
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I, an old soul


I, an old soul

WHY do photographs need to be shown under glass?
WHAT IF photographs were displayed without a frame?
HOW would the viewer engage?

WHY do my photographs need to be held under glass?
WHAT IF I choose to display my photographs after the manner of a scroll?
HOW do viewers engage with my work?

Pursuing these questions for 15 years, I have some conclusions to share and speak from…

I, an old soul – Leslie D. Bartlett February 9, 2016

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Reflection Upon the Floor of Being

/And if the soul/
/is ever to know itself/
/it must gaze into another’s soul:/
~George Seferis


Reflecting on the year’s end with my beloved Beth….

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lord, keep on wandering…

psalm 22, SAID

psalm 22, SAID

keep on wandering forever and never
settle down
because no dwelling places remain
only footsteps
be loud and urgent
share in my life and my passions
accompany me
all the way to your bread
so that my word might wake

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…lend me your wooden horse….

Reality always has another face,

the face of every day,
the one we never see,
the other face of time.

lend me your wooden horse
to go off to the other side of this side.
Reality is more real in black and white.

– from ‘Facing Time,’ by Octavio Paz –Facing Time

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And Persephone Releases Coyote to Seek Out the Heart of the World


And so that “Unspeakable Girl,” that dynamic force and presence, returns to mark our Spring. – Leslie D. Bartlett

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“Everything is in motion, everything teems.”
~Gaston Bachelard~ Earth and Reveries of Repose

Deep studies of the Cape Ann Ices invite my predawn visit, return viewings at dusk in winter as the temperature scales down, winds pick up, and the human visual sense is sloughed off. As cold enters the arms, the legs, the extreme weather opens my soul…

Tuunbaq – winter 2009


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