Two Quotes Central to the Les Bartlett/Eleanor Fisher April 20th Conversation

Book Cover 3.inddON CREATIVITY


“Sometimes there are positive emotional regressions. If not, how else can we define such emotional experiences of men of different age, who though undefeated, retire from the field of battle for a while to psychologically mature in the world imagination and solitude, retreat to the “land of their childhood” – or, if they can – who return to the milieu of their childhood, to draw from there the air of freshness, open heartedness, understanding, truth, to be filled with openness, spontaneity, creativity, and then return to life struggles “hardened” by love, concern, and care for their closest ones.


“They talk about the necessity of satisfying our basic needs before realizing our higher ones. Yet, if we do not develop our higher needs together with basic ones, the latter will grow, swell and settle in, and then… there will be no room for the higher ones.”

About Leslie D. Bartlett

I am a photographer Cape Ann Historian; as a Historian I present the heritage of Cape Ann through lectures, my photography and writings. As a photographer I stand speak on behalf of the image - most often a landscape image
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