4.27.11 My soul finds it place in the name…

Below the Keystone Bridge

I awaken to your name

There is a great quiet secret to walking below the Keystone Bridge. It is the care and deliberate gentleness which was required to quarry out the stone in making the bridge. If the workmen (in 1869-1872) had been careless in the cutting and blasting, they would have created a hole too large to bridge. May I keep as gentle a care around me to not create a hole too large to bridge….Les

“My soul finds its place in the Name, and my soul finds it ease in the embrace of the Name. I struggled with shapes and with numbers, and I carved with blade and brain to make a place, but I could not find a shelter for my soul. Blessed is the Name which is the safety of the soul … and the health of the innermost breath. I search the words that attend your mercy. You lift me out of destruction, and you win my soul. You gather it out of the unreal by the power of your name. Blessed is the name that unifies demand, and changes the seeking into praise. Out of the panic, out of the useless plan, I awaken to your name, and solitude to solitude all your creatures speak, and through the inaccessible intention of all things fall gracefully. Blessed is the shelter of my soul, blessed is the form of mercy, blessed is the name.”  – Leonard Cohen (from ‘Fragments of Your Ancient Name, Joyce Rupp)

About Leslie D. Bartlett

I am a photographer Cape Ann Historian; as a Historian I present the heritage of Cape Ann through lectures, my photography and writings. As a photographer I stand speak on behalf of the image - most often a landscape image
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