2.27.11 About “Wind, Water and Stone.”

A Winter’s Evensong Meditation
with images, reading, chants and silence

The Quarry Imagery of Leslie D. Bartlett
with guests Michael O’Leary & Amy Lohman

March 4, 2011 7 pm
St. Paul Lutheran Church
1123 Washington Street, Gloucester, MA

We all walk Cape Ann. We walk and stop and pause and look.
And we are renewed in our pauses and our looking by the famed ‘Cape Ann Light.’
Whether viewing land, sea or sky, we pause.

Leslie Bartlett began 11 years ago to walk the abandoned quarries of Cape Ann.
And paused to  photograph.
He walked in drought, photographing the quarry walls and floors which revealed depths of rock not seen for  70 plus years.
And he  walked the cycle of seasons, as reflected in the rock walls, stones and waters of Cape Ann.

His installation ‘Chapters on a Quarry Wall,’ in 2007-2008 at the Cape Ann Museum attracted repeat visits as people came to sit amidst the display and experience the silence and imagery of Cape Ann granite.
These images were then presented in Vermont and New York City, evoking silence, calm, and awe.

from Leslie D. Bartlett:

“In a time of personal struggle, I was drawn by the light of Cape Ann to the structure of fixed hour prayer, extending the light of Cape Ann from pre-dawn through the day, the evening and into darkness, relating these images gathered by walking to a project titled “Seven Sacred Pauses Within the Light of Cape Ann.”

And then I walked into people,
who upon seeing the images associated with the ‘Seven Sacred Pauses” Project,
wanted more..
Within this hunger to see and feel more, the heart of this project emerged.

And so ‘Wind Water and Stone’ on March 4th is a renewal of a long standing tradition of outdoor services being conducted along the shore points of Cape Ann, along the sacred pauses of Cape Ann.
On March the 4th will exhibit large flowing banners and images of Cape Ann quarries
with chant, song and silence.

We hunger for contact, we long, so deeply  for a connection with our traditional sacred spirit
whatever our traditions, our faith, our search.

the ever-present question exists  of “Am I aware of this longing?”

Please join us.

The power of the great Silence resident in the granite continues to invite us to join our own silence.


About Leslie D. Bartlett

I am a photographer Cape Ann Historian; as a Historian I present the heritage of Cape Ann through lectures, my photography and writings. As a photographer I stand speak on behalf of the image - most often a landscape image
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